The National Liberation Movement in Russia today

Evgeniy Fyodorov

Member of the Russian Parliament, Head of the Inter-fractional Parliament’s Group “For Sovereign”, Coordinator of the National Liberation Movement.

The National Liberation Movement in Russia has only one goal that unites everyone regardless of their political views: the restoration of the sovereignty of the country and liberation from its occupiers. The inhabitants of Russia must break free from their chains of slavery and become free citizens in a free (non-occupied) country.

To achieve these goals, the government should become ours, i.e. we must completely change the nature of the state, including through amending the Constitution. Society is a broader concept, and in fact, it should feel necessary to partake in this goal because the national liberation struggle is a struggle of the society for the restoration of sovereign control over Russia, including control over state institutions. Today, the state in Russia, as in any colony, works for the occupier under the rules established by it, placing it under the rulers’ direct control. This provision is captured in the existing Constitution. Every day the main task of those millions of officials who go to work is to improve living standards and the solve the problems of the American and European peoples. That is their main function today. At the level of daily activity, it is hard to recognize this without desire and sufficient time for the conceptualization of our historical facts and the current state of affairs in the country as a whole. The following are the tasks of the existing mechanisms of the state in Russia today:

•          assist in the permanent migration abroad of healthy and mostly gifted young people, scientists, children, and everyone else of importance in terms of the labour force (in the same manner as Hitler, who exported labour forces from the occupied territory of the USSR);

•          ensure an uninterrupted supply of tribute and free material resources for Europe and U.S.A. (that is what the Central Bank is engaged in);

•          work towards the strategic tasks of eliminating Russia, the Russian nation, and the Russian people. Such a task exists, and it was publicly identified by the leaders of the USA to the Russian state. This task is also performed by migration flows organized in a special way as to create social tensions and polarization between the citizens. Also, this objective is fulfilled through the absence of a clear policy and real actions in the development of weaker regions of the country, such as what we are now seeing in the Trans-Baikal, the Far East, and the Extreme North. Putin struggles against the cultural destruction of the concept of “Russian”, despite American demands to stop such attempts. Nobody is going to obey any orders of the President concerning school education;

•            and a common history textbook. Besides that, they publicly say, “We will not do this, we have our own chief in Washington, and he gave us other orders.” And the state apparatus obeys these “other orders” of Washington.

There are the three main goals that the American occupants have set about to achieve in the Russian state:1) elimination of the Russian ethnicity and the Russian man as a cultural phenomenon, including; 2) payment of tribute with money and resources; 3) strategic elimination of the Russian state in the same format as it is.

This has made for easier colonial management in accordance with the principle of “Divide and Rule”. It is also a typical practice for all colonies. The British divided all their colonies into parts, which resulted in easing the convenience in conducting the management process. Technologically, they created projects for this purpose, i. e. a political project of Liquidators – Alexey Navalny and the political environment of grant receivers, followed by the terrorists and castigators, which for the present moment are temporarily sent to Syria until they are given work to carry out in Russia. Then they will come back and slaughter people in Russia when Navalny and the terrorists prepare the system for this, just as is happening in Syria. After all, there also were “navalnys” at first, who paved the way in people’s minds and prepared the system, then the terrorists came, followed by the castigators on the terrorists’ backs. In order to destroy the Syrian people there or the Russian people here, it is necessary that the smiling people lead the way. As missionaries, politicians, grant receivers, “navalnys”, etc. They should create the conditions to make it possible to introduce terrorism when the time is right.

Russia as a colony

Nonetheless, there have been attempts to remove the system of external control, for example, the rebellion of Korzhakov and the secret service officers, which was suppressed in 1996. As a result, the Khasavyurt Accord was signed, according to which Russia was subject to liquidation within three years. But Putin had time to destroy the oligarchic system and cancel the agreement on the elimination of Russia.For me, it is clear that all the decisions that Putin has to take are prepared by system of the state apparatus controlled by the USA in accordance with the Russian Constitution and its laws. Besides, attempts to eliminate the field of Russian science were recently made, namely, the situation surrounding the Academy of Sciences, and the formation the an innovative type of economy that Putin has spoken about for ten years has already been prohibited. There are still no such institutions and nobody is going to create them. It turns out that the deputies, as the legislative power, take anti-national laws under the dictation of the metropole country, and as a result, Putin is blamed. All the more, the censorship against him works quite diligently. Through placing the Russian media under external control, the USA filters all the information about the struggle for sovereignty being waged today in Russia.            But the information blockade is occasionally broken, and the national liberation movement becomes a more and more noticeable force that intends to solve the problem of sovereignty.

Nationalization of the Central Bank 

The Central Bank of Russia is independent and does not report either to the President or to the State, and it wastes rubles by buying foreign currency totalling almost1 trillion rubles a year. Therefore, most of the problems of Russia are particularly related to the “Law on the Central Bank”, written by American advisors, which allows the USA not only to buy up all the available resources of the country, but to also influence its internal processes as well. By forcing the bank to work for the state, it would be possible to immediately redirect the money from the reserves (which, in fact, are spent on buying the U.S. debt obligations) to industry and infrastructure, thus initializing the new industrialization which Putin spoke about at the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum.”I want all of us to clearly understand  that the coming years will be crucial, and maybe even a critical time not only for us, but for almost the entire world which enters an era of radical changes, and maybe even shocks” –  Putin said. Thanks to the re-emergence of industrialization, the economy, industry, infrastructure, and even Russia’s domestic policy will dramatically change, and that will lead to its accelerated development.

The Eurasian Union will finally form a new political system independent of the USA and UK.

The Cold War in the Latent Phase

There are indications that the Cold War did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union and is still being waged against Russia. NGOs (namely, foreign-funded foreign agents) create a false picture of what is happening inside the country and thereby intentionally distort the essence of Putin’s actions. And that is all because a time of serious changes has come to the USA. The Bankers’ Empire is collapsing. The debts grow, entire cities come to bankruptcy, and they simply cannot survive without the resources of Russia. The situation in Syria and about Snowden simply showed their true colours to the world. In general, there is one important rule: if someone scolds Russia, then Putin is doing everything right. When Putin left the Federal Security Service of Russia for the post of Prime Minister, he said to his colleagues at parting: “The first stage of the infiltration mission is completed. I start the second stage – the elimination of the gang. “After the defeat of the USSR in the Cold War, we were not allowed to have a national elite. Taking into account that we live in a market paradigm of relationships, under national elites, we understand the wealthy people, the major possessors of significant assets, and their consequent impact on the business and social environment. Today, all the richest people that have          business in Russia, the ones who the “Forbes” magazine writes its publications for, are, in fact, foreign entrepreneurs. That is to say, all their major assets are in a foreign jurisdiction, and therefore, the businessmen themselves are controlled by the USA through a mechanism of pressure. The privatization process took place in the 1990s. How was it? According to the lists prepared by the CIA and the U.S. State Department officers, all the major objects of ownership have been transferred to the oligarchs, who have agreed to hold them under certain conditions. One of the conditions was the transfer of property in the Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction, provided that the control over all major industrial and infrastructure facilities in Russia will be retained by the USA, and the oligarchs were used as a cover for this mechanism. Thus, all the major property objects passed under the control of the United States and its comprador elites that emerged in Russia since the national ones were prohibited. Over the years of the development of modern Russia, a major national business could not be formed, as we have no conditions for its development. Take at the very least the availability of credit. The Central Bank keeps refinancing rate at 8.25% and, having other opportunities to influence the banking system, deliberately creates a situation in which the cost of the end credit reaches 15-30%. If the company is in a foreign jurisdiction, it can be credited abroad under the rates of 3-5%. It is clear that even according to this sole parameter, national business cannot develop because it becomes non-competitive.

Let’s add a terrible tax system that is served by a huge staff of state officials and the corruption that is systematically created and controlled by the Americans. After all, hundreds of thousands of corrupt officials of all shades, having stolen their money in Russia, later obtained political asylum in Britain. And being under foreign jurisdiction, the businessman decides to solve these problems and gets access to cheap credit, but becomes controllable by the USA and acts for their benefit. Thus, in the absence of full state sovereignty in modern Russia, there are no major business and national elites.

Changing the Status of National Business

In the system of the national liberation movement, the Committee on the Strengthening of Economic Sovereignty (CES), whose task was to create conditions for the development of national business and the formation of national elites, was created. “For Sovereignty” interfactional group of deputies of the State Duma introduced a draft of Federal Law “On the status of National Business”, developed by CES. The core of the draft law was to create conditions for the development of national business. A national register of business will be created in which all the companies located in the Russian jurisdiction can enter. Furthermore, they will have access to cheap credit of 3-5%, which will result in the creation of Central Bank parallel credit rates            for national businesses. And not only access to credit, but also a pre-emptive right to participate in privatization, land allocation, government subsidies, preferential tax regimes, and more will emerge. Therefore, we invite all entrepreneurs who want to see a free and prosperous Russia, who want to develop their business and leave it to their children, to join the national liberation movement and to participate actively in the activities of CES.


A frequently asked question is: “Why can’t we change the Constitution without grassroots support?” To understand the answer to this, simply look at the Constitution of the Russian Federation itself. Chapter 9 regulates Constitutional amendments and the revision of the Constitution. Let’s start reading.

Thus, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 135 of the Constitution, the Federal Assembly (the State Duma and the Federation Council) cannot revise Chapters 1, 2, 9 of the Constitution.And we know that Chapter 1 contains a prohibition against the imposition of a state ideology (Art. 13), Chapter 2 pertains to the formalized prohibition of censorship (Art. 29), and Chapter 9 establishes the procedure for amending the Constitution. As such, the Parliament is not able to change the key Chapters. These provisions can be changed during the Constitutional Assembly if 3/5 of the members of the Federal Assembly vote for their amendment.

Furthermore, the Charter of the occupied territory reads: “The Constitutional Assembly shall either confirm the invariability of the Constitution or draft a new Constitution which will be adopted by the Constitutional Assembly by two thirds of the total number of its members, or submitted to a referendum”. The work of the Constitutional Assembly shall be determined by the Federal Constitutional Law “On the Constitutional Assembly” which has not yet been adopted. Thus, in practice, it is impossible to change the Constitution. It is necessary to pass this law, but of course the occupant’s entire administrative machine will be opposed to such a decision. And here again we are confronted with the need of grassroots support for V. Putin’s national policy, because only through this mechanism can the national leader acquire the powers to partake in tougher action which ultimately will lead to the victory of the national liberation movement and change the Constitution back to a sovereign one. That is why participation in the National Liberation Movement’s street protests is the duty of every citizen of Russia who does not want to be a slave or to liquidate his homeland.

What Destiny does U.S. in Store for Russia? 

USA is an oppressive colonial power openly proclaiming its colonial interests. The USA solves its internal problems by means of war at the expense of others, and nothing has changed for centuries        except for the technology used to carry out the murders. Accordingly, for the last 20 years, this country has provoked and unleashed the greatest number of wars. Perhaps only Nazi Germany in the XX century has surpassed the USA in a twenty-year period of time. But on the larger timeline, the USA has left the Nazis far behind. They significantly expanded their interventions – Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya and finally they reached for Syria,  to say nothing of the participation of the USA in some of the conflicts in Africa. This applies not only to the aforementioned countries, but to the entire world –there are no exceptions for America. They have a “maniac” confidence that all are indebted to them, and that only their rules should govern the world. It is obvious that America has never said goodbye to the cult of power and, moreover, is not going to do so. Let’s take, for example, Madeleine Albright, one of the most famous figures of the U.S. Democratic Party. In her interview to Lesley Stahl near the end of 1996, she gave a very ambiguous answer about the impact of the sanctions against Iraq. Lesley Stahl asked her: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima… and… do you know whether it was worth it?” Albright said, “I think it’s a very difficult choice, but the price – we think it was worth it.” For them, democracy is when they scalp the living. They have one course, and history, as we know, tends to repeat itself. So, about 8,000 children were killed during the war in Syria. Another 9,000 children are still held by terrorists in high-security prisons, but the methods of killing children in Syria are diverse. About 300 children were killed with knives during the mass punitive actions in such districts as al Ghul and Karmaz Zaytun in the province of Homs. Many were shot by non-governmental forces as they fired into crowds of demonstrators, used by them as “human shields”, executed them, or killed them as they were being tortured. Syrians are shot by weapons that have killed Palestinians and Lebanese in the past. The so-called opposition that has already seized power in Libya rushes into power in Syria, and everything will repeat as it had in Iraq in recent years. Shiites kill Sunnis, Sunni kill Shiites, and both kill Christians … Syria will become the third Iraq if the pro-American gangs calling themselves the Syrian National Council (SNC) win there. American advisers of current “oppositionists” are apparently the same ones who led the Libyan rebels. They changed the first word in the title and now a new opposition group is ready. Well, what will it cost them to organize a RNS (Russian National Council), especially when our country possesses 30% of the world’s coal reserves, 40% of oil, 45% of gas, 50%of shale energy, 44% of the world’s reserves of iron ore, 30% of chrome ore, 74% of manganese ore, 40% of rare earth ores, 28% of world diamond production, and 30% of all gemstones? And in order to have the puzzle put together in the overall picture, I want to remind one of the “masters’” words. Let’s start from the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton: “For the last ten years the policy in relation to the USSR and its allies has convincingly proved the correctness of our strategy to eliminate one of the strongest powers in the world as well as the most powerful military bloc … we got a raw-material appendage – the state not destroyed by atom which would be difficult to create. Yes, we spent many billions of dollars for this, but they are already close to that which the Russians call self-repayment. For four years, we and our allies have received various strategic raw materials for the amount of 15 billion dollars, hundreds of tons of gold, precious stones, etc. Having loosened the ideological foundations of the USSR, we have been able to bloodlessly remove the state which was the main competitor to America in the war for world domination … In the next decade, the solution of the following problems is expected: the dismemberment of Russia into small states by interregional wars, such as those that have been organized in Yugoslavia; the final collapse of the military-industrial complex of Russia and the army; establishing of regimes in the republics detached from Russian that we need. Yes, we have allowed Russia to be a state, but only one country will be the empire – the USA,” (October 25, 1995). Mrs.Madeleine Albright:”Siberia is too large a territory to belong to one state”. Let’s also remember Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is undoubtedly one of the key figures of the Cold War: “Russia is the defeated power. It lost a titanic struggle. And to say “it was not Russia, but the Soviet Union” means to escape from reality. It was Russia, called the Soviet Union. It challenged the United States. It was defeated. Now we should not sustain illusions about a great power of Russia. It is necessary to discourage this way of thinking … Russia will be fragmented and be under guardianship.”

Talking about the system of recruitment, we must mention the selection of them nomenclature. This function is an element of strategic management, as the personnel are “cultivated” over the years. For example, a person should grow to the level of Minister within 10-15 years and he needs to be controlled during this entire time. If he performs his responsibilities well, he will be allowed to pass on to the next level. Such a right in the Soviet Union was entrenched in the CPSU Central Committee and the Politburo. A Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet was a technical executive who endorsed all appointments. Today’s President of Russia has powers much less than that of the President of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet (see table on p. 199).

All the more, the Russian President has no powers to carry out the nomenclatures’ selection. This function is in the hands of the occupant. The Americans, through their political consultants, identify promising young people, and the work is carried out with those who satisfy the interests of the United States.

In order to make a political career in modern Russia, you have to belong to one of the following groups:

1)         U.S. agent;

2)         corruptionist;

3)         grant receiver.

The agent is generally esteemed as “sacred” by the Americans. The agent is given the “green light” in all regards, and in case of a favourable combination of circumstances, the agent will necessarily rise to the level of minister or his deputy.

The corruptionists somewhat of a lower level than the agent, but also has a “green corridor”, as he is vulnerable in terms of blackmail material, and therefore, is manageable. Additionally, his moral uncleanliness guarantees his loyalty to the occupier. The grant receiver is of yet an even lower level, but in general, also receives support and has all the chances to make a successful career. In addition to this, we must understand that one of ten grant receivers is recruited as an agent. If you or your relatives do not belong to any of the above categories, then forget about a political career in modern Russia. This is important to know because people often ask: “Why does Putin not dismiss this or that official and take another one in their place?” The answer is obvious: the list of candidates submitted for approval will not include people other than those who underwent the occupational filter. This is because since 1991, after the defeat of our country in the Cold War, the personnel selection system is controlled by the occupant.

Therefore, only in the case of a victory of the National Liberation Movement will Russia have the right to exercise the nomenclature’s selection in terms of its national interests. Today, a lively debate which is linked to the theme of “ancestral homes” is taking place. Its core comes down to the following: is it is possible today to live in total isolation from civilization, and if so, then why should the people who are going to go to the hinterland of Russia participate in the National Liberation Movement? It is necessary to emphasize at once that no one argues with the fact that living in harmony with nature, in the absence of the big cities’ stress factors, is, of course, more comfortable in many ways. But let’s think WHETHER IT IS AT ALL POSSIBLE TO LIVE surrounded by forests and lakes if the National Liberation Movement does not succeed? Let’s suppose that a man makes products and provides for himself. He has the cattle, the poultry, the land that gives fruits and vegetables, and a firewood-heated furnace from late autumn until spring. But excuse me, will he also make himself the matches or other means of starting a fire? Or will he wait in winter for a sunny day to make a fire using a magnifying glass? Let’s start at least from the construction of the house. If he wants to build a brick house, it is unlikely that this man will open a brick factory, and if he opens one anyway, he will have to take materials from somewhere: sand, cement, gravel, etc. And this is only the beginning of the stretch of our imagination, but the above is enough to understand that it is impossible to live absolutely independently.

Let’s consider the other option: using the benefits of civilization, we build houses and other necessary buildings, stock equipment, salt, matches, and all necessary goods and live for our good. But the question again arises: what shall we do if we get sick, because someone who can at least perform the duties for us on the farm and help us has to be around. And in general, man is a social being, and it will be dullish to live alone, all the more, it is necessary to start a family and have children. Then it is necessary to take care of them. Therefore, the question arises, who will do it? Let’s solve this issue as follows: we settle not alone, but collectively, each one has his own piece of land and there are teachers, doctors, and building experts among us (all of them brought books, textbooks, medicine, building materials, and equipment), and there are other people with special knowledge and skills that we need. But the question once more arises: what if something happens, someone harmed someone else or offended another’s wife? Shall we also have to create our own governmental authorities, law enforcement, and judicial systems on a micro scale? Well, problems have arisen among our settlers, and what if a similar settlement appears nearby and they decide to take away land or other things from us? In such a way, we shall sink to tribal relations.

Therefore, even with a cursory analysis of the issue at hand, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to absolutely break away from civilization and the state in today’s world. But, indeed, it is quite possible to live at a distance, occasionally visiting the city to sell one’s own products and buy the products of others. If you have a pension or other source of income, then it would be just fine to live in harmony with nature. But all this is IMPOSSIBLE should the National Liberation Movement be defeated. After all, it would mean the elimination of Russia, the country’s division into several parts, the unleashing of civil wars, and the genocide of the Russian people. Therefore, there will be no pension, you will not be able to sell your products, and if you come to the city from the forest, you will be killed by scummy cutthroats that are in association with rebel detachments, many of which will scour in our vasts and deal death and chaos as they see fit. By the way, they are being trained today, and some recruited Russian citizens passed their advanced courses in Syria, killing women there and roasting their children on the fire. And then they will come to us. The prospect is not bright, isn’t it? But you will not be lucky to sit quietly in the woods: NATO aircraft will drop a bomb on your little farm, then rebels will gather for a barbecue and all your settlement will be sadistically killed and possibly eaten (because we saw how the pro-NATO groups devour the hearts of those killed in Syria).

You may justify your cowardice and unwillingness to fight for the Motherland in any way, including by striving for harmony with nature. During the Great Patriotic War, the deserters also went into the woods, though for some reason, no one stopped to consider them traitors to the Motherland, even taking into account the fact that they lived in harmony with the forest surrounding them. Today it is up to us whether we have a future, or few years later, if we will all be killed throughout the country. Each citizen of Russia must decide whether he is a traitor, a deserter, and a slave, and therefore will not defend his Motherland and will dishonour his great ancestors, or whether he is a free man that wants to live in dignity, and then he will deliberately join the ranks of the National Liberation Movement. We have repeatedly stated that the government of today’s Russia does not have the goal of improving the life of the population. This occurs due to the fact that having lost the Cold War, we lost the right to national self-determination. Our jurisdiction has no strategic body that would manage the country. The Tsar did it is Tsarist Russia, and the General Secretary and Politburo in did it in the Soviet Union. Today, the strategic management of our country is carried out by the international organizations controlled by the United States. The International Monetary Fund gives commands to carry out the reforms in the sphere of the Russian economy, and these reforms are developed by non-profit organizations that receive foreign funding. Then the draft laws designed by the occupiers’ headquarters (664 NGOs) are introduced by the Government of the Russian Federation and accepted by the State Duma deputies. Therefore, the task of the state power of modern Russia is the realization of the interests of the United States.

What are these interests? First of all, it is the national security of the American nation. Strengthening the sovereignty of Russia begins the processes of discontinuing the payment of tribute to the USA, not only by Russia, but also by other colonies. This will reduce the standard of living within the United States and, ultimately, lead to the collapse of the American Empire.

Therefore, pragmatic Americans, on the basis of their interests, set about the following tasks to their Russian proxies:

• implementation of the genocide of the Russian people and the elimination of Russian culture;

• payment of tribute;

• elimination of the Russian state and its division into “banana republics”.

If we look at the processes occurring in Russia from this part, no one will be surprised by what has now become obvious. The genocide of the population is realized through the following mechanisms:

• the decline in fertility  through the propaganda of immorality, gay marriage, open relationships, orientation of the youth towards their own individual and personal success, creation of the opinion that children are a            burden, creation of social and economic problems, etc.;

• heroin war against Russia. According to the Deputy Director of the Federal Drug Control Service, since U.S. troops entered Afghanistan, heroin production there has increased by 40 times (!), and almost all of it comes to us and kills about 100,000 people a year;

• alcoholization of the population is carried out by means of the promotion of the use of alcohol through market advertisements that target minors, the repeating of the myth that Russians are a native drinking people, and through the pricing policy that has resulted in the increased accessibility of alcohol (today a bottle of vodka is 10 times cheaper than it was in the USSR);

• migration policy. Our society, by means of its migration policy, is saturated with ethnic crime, which in turn works to further the recruitment of a U.S. invasion-sponsored irregular army of rebels from this medium and the implementation of the military component of the plan to eliminate Russia. The payment of tribute is performed through the mechanism of wasting the ruble, about which we earlier spoke in detail (about 1 billion dollars a day or 365 billion dollars a year). Tribute is also paid directly through the budget rule. On top of this, the $500 billion that is annually earned by foreign companies operating in Russia is withdrawn from the country and transferred to the U.S. economy. But the tribute is paid not only with money, as our children are sold to the metropoly. A prohibition of the child slave-trade (The Dima Yakovlev Law) caused an outburst of indignation in the mass media because all the major mass media organs serve the U.S.’ geopolitical interests. The tribute is paid to scientists and labour forces there. Recently, the universities that supplied the greatest number of slaves to the metropole received 9 billion rubles from the American agent and Minister of Education, Mr. Livanov

Liquidation or Development?  

Obviously, the liquidation of the Russian state is a cherished goal of the Western “democracies.” This goal was set by the occupants earlier, and I must say, they have already implemented this goal on paper, because the Khasavyurt Accord – a peace treaty with Chechnya – was signed. Under this Agreement, the latter had the right to secede from the Russian Federation, which would initiate the liquidation of Russia and would plunge our Motherland into a series of civil wars. Only thanks to the national leader, Vladimir Putin, the signed documents were not implemented in practice. But this does not mean that the occupants have changed their goals. Russia must be liquidated, that is why the Syrian scenario is being prepared for our country. It also includes the plot against Putin from the American-controlled business elites who do business in Russia and the dynamic actions of American agents in power, as well as the street component (accomplices of the occupant, Navalny and company), which will then be strengthened by the terrorists and, later, by the castigators who are trained in Syria today.

I must say that the plans of the Americans are not something unique to Russia. Hitler had the same aims because the logic of a certain worldview leads to these decisions. A large area, great history, ambitious people – all this creates high risks for the metropole, so from their point of view, we need to be liquidated. But our goal is to establish national legal control over all important institutions of the state and society. This must be done in order for the state machine, the mass media, and the financial system to begin to work for the benefit of the Russian nation, not the U.S. as it is today. We have a national leader who has a clear plan of action, but to make this plan work, it is necessary to give enhanced legal powers to Vladimir Putin.

After all, ultimately, everything depends on amending the Constitution, and it would be a coup without the mass support of the people on the street because the President of Russia is the guarantor of the Constitution, and he has no right to amend it himself. By taking to the streets in support of national policies, we allow Putin to shift from the status of the guarantor of the occupational Constitution to the status of the national leader – the system reformer. Only with active grassroots support can the mechanisms to liquidate the American agents in power and strengthenour sovereignty work. Therefore, the support of every citizen is important today, which is why it is necessary to participate in nationwide movements, because these actions are more or less a socio-political battle against the occupants.

Our grandfathers fought with arms for the sovereignty of the Motherland in Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursk, to name but a few. We are their descendants, and is it possible that we do not even have the strength within ourselves to carry out actions less significant than the feats of our ancestors? Is it possible that we cannot sacrifice our personal time and take part in street protests to contribute to the noble struggle for the independence of our Motherland? We often hear the question of what is better: socialism or capitalism? Let’s study this matter. The origins of its popularity lie in the dissatisfaction of the majority of our citizens with the flawed system that has evolved as a result of Russia’s defeat in the Cold War. Dissatisfaction with “wild capitalism”, market relations, democracy, privatization, and corruption is expressed by many. But occupational propaganda exists just for this purpose, and its task is to direct the logic of people to the wrong track. There is only one problem, and it is that Russia is a U.S. colony, and therefore, the state apparatus in our country has no right to make decisions for the benefit of the Russian nation. Hence, all the problems we currently have, because they are nothing but the elements of external control that we talked about many times. It’s hard to recognize, but this is an objective reality. The businessmen from the “Forbes” list who run the major assets in Russia are in a foreign jurisdiction and fulfil the will of the United States, carrying out the colonial policy in the economic sphere. That is why we are seeing such a gap between the rich and the poor, and that is why major businesses do not invest in the development of Russia, but instead withdraw their money and place it into the Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction.

Only the restoration of sovereignty will give us the right to debug the mechanisms of control over the major businesses in order to make them work for the benefit of our Motherland. Sovereign power will put the major businesses under national control and, having obtained an order for social justice, it will allow for the liquidation of the unjustified gap between the rich and the poor and the development of the middle class. Within 5-8 years after the restoration of the sovereignty of Russia, we have calculated that the Russian economy would grow by a factor of 24 times1.Just through these processes, the massive growth of the middle class will happen, and this will liquidate that enormous gap between the rich and the poor that exists today under the colonial status of our country.

Thus, the victory of the National Liberation Movement removes the above item from the agenda because it eliminates the negative processes that, in fact, cause the indignation of the citizens. But if we are still going to continue the discussion on the liquidation of capitalist relations, another issue remains, which is the issue of private property, because it is the key problem. Do we want to liquidate all private property in general? Do we really need it? Let’s try to think a little about this. The implementation of this idea for the individual means the loss of one’s ownership over their housing, land, country house, car, etc. Isn’t it better to follow another way? Isn’t it better to give citizens the opportunity to live in dignity due to the economic growth and equitable distribution of GDP among the population? If we look at this matter from the point of view of the state, it is obvious that the matter of private property is a matter of the national elites. It is the management system in Russia that is the most vulnerable point on which our geopolitical rivals attacked us throughout the centuries. Solving the problem of sovereignty, we put the major businesses under national control and created the conditions for the formation of national-oriented elites. And then, perhaps, it would be more useful to think about how to do this most effectively using the experience of our ancestors, and not to set up another experiment on the Russian nation which can result in millions of victims, as had unfortunately happened many times in our history.

Without an understanding of what happened in 1991, we shall not understand the problems that exist at the moment and which Russia will soon have to confront. First of all, one of the most important problems concerns the Constitution, because without its modification, the state will not become sovereign. And if you believe the opposite, then maybe you will tell us about which “civilized” countries have a Constitutional clause about the priority of international law over domestic legislation? Well, while the “non-believers” prove the opposite, the participants of the National Liberation Movement should pursue the following objectives independent of their political views, as their fulfilment has the possibility of uniting them all.     These are the restoration of the country’s sovereignty, its liberation from occupation, and change of status from being a resident of an enslaved country to the status of being citizens of a free country. Obviously for this purpose, the state should in the first place become ours, i.e. we should completely change the nature of the state, including by passing amendments to the Constitution. Society should do it, because the national liberation struggle is a struggle for the restoration of the national society’s control over Russia, including over state institutions that work for the occupier, like what happens in any colony. The only way for success is for the entire country to march to restore sovereignty and liberation. Do you think that there are other options? The only way in the war is to go to the battlefield and defend the independence of the Motherland. And now we are under occupation, and it is the same war, but a Cold War. And so long as the people do not want to be free, no one will give them their sovereignty. Now it can be done without much effort and without risk, yet the outcome is still uncertain and irreversible changes did not happen. Somebody should participate 5-10 times in monthly meetings and daily pickets, while someone else comes to do the same in Moscow. And all this is in order to change the Constitution, establish sovereignty, and free the country from victimization.

A significant part of the people in Russia are unconsciously ready to betray their country, i.e. betray their grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and that historical experience on which it was always based. This betrayal would be very costly for these people, because the Americans will still be here and start the terror in Russia, as they have already done in Syria, Libya, and other countries. They have no other options, and this is the only way to maintain control over the colonies. We can stop this punitive machine only by opposing it. Today the discussion of various methods of military intervention in Syria persists. The U.S. leadership makes contradictory statements, and this is clear. Indeed, on the one hand, America, following the imperial logic, has to retain its status, which requires it to ruthlessly suppress the processes of the national liberation movements of the colonies. On the other hand, the U.S. government, knowing history, is afraid of becoming the “Hitler of the world.” With their actions, they every day sink even deeper in Hitler’s footsteps, which entails a certain logic.

This calls for the emergence of an “anti-Hitler coalition”, which in today’s environment would be “anti-American.” Here, we must recall that Hitler did not immediately become the devil incarnate in the eyes of the world, moreover, in 1938, he was named a Man of the Year by the “Time” magazine. A few years later, he became the epitome of evil in the eyes of millions of people. Nobel laureate Obama is well aware of this, as well is the rest of the U.S. government. They want to achieve the same goals as Hitler, but not to step across a certain line. However, the options to achieve these solutions are reduced daily, and they are making it more likely that the U.S. will embark on an uncontested military solution to the problem. Ultimately, the U.S. will step across the line and start waging total terror in the territories of the colonies, including Russia. Only Russian people can stop this terror on their land. To do this, they will have to do what our ancestors repeatedly did, to defend the Motherland! Today it is possible to do it in the socio-political vein while the world is in transitional state. But if we do not do it, terror will begin in Russia.

Judging by the lack of massive street support for the National Liberation Movement, we can conclude that a large number of people do not believe in the seriousness of the consequences of political apathy that leads to the betrayal of their Motherland. They do not want to fight for it, do not want to defend it. The talk that the USA acts with a logic different from that which is dictated by historical necessity can only come from evildoers. These are the laws of life, the laws of international competition, and today the U.S. is starting a third world war to suppress the resistance in the colonies, even at the expense of some of their own interests. There is no time left, we are at the end of our rope, and today we have to defend out Motherland or tomorrow we will be killed by the same Russian citizens that are being trained in Syria today.

The run-up to an American invasion of Syria is for us a signal of the beginning of the military component of the suppression of the National Liberation Movement in Russia, and if someone now hesitates to defend his Motherland, he will automatically become a traitor. Under these conditions, we no longer have the right to put too fine a point upon American agents working in the Russian state authorities, media, business, or financial sector today. In regards these accomplices of the occupiers, we must firstly introduce legal prosecution mechanisms in order to eliminate the “fifth column” in important state institutions, but in order for the national leader to begin to act quickly and decisively, the grassroots component and hundreds of thousands of people on the streets are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to wake up from the lull of enemy propaganda and rise to defend the Motherland by participating in the street protests of the National Liberation Movement!

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