Cybergeopolitics: emergent set of practices, phenomenon and discipline

Leonid Savin Head Administrator of the International Social Movement “Eurasian Movement“, Editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Geopolitika’ and web-portal, Expert at the Center for Conservative Research (in the Sociology Faculty, Moscow State University), author of several books on geopolitics, conflicts and international relations, Moscow, Russian Federation. In recent times, … Continue reading

US Presence in Eurasia and Its Impact on Security and Military Arrangements of This Region

Seyyedeh Motahhareh Hosseini   Ph.D. in Political Science (Political sociology) from University of Tehran; Faculty Member of Department of Political Science, Payam Noor University, I.R. of Iran  Asghar Shokri Moqaddam Master’s Degree in Political Science, Iran Review Analyst, I.R. of Iran  … Continue reading


Andrea Fais Journalist and Freelancer based in Perugia, Italy. He is the editor for the Italian magazine of geopolitics “Eurasia”and a contributor to the Italian magazine “Affarinternazionali” (linked to the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry) and the Chinese daily-tabloid “Global Times”. … Continue reading

National identity in Transnistria: a global historical perspective on the formation and evolution of a ‘resistance identity’

JorisWagemakers Holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Antwerp and in Conflict and Development Studies from Ghent University, in Belgium. He lived for one year in Moldova, and visited Transnistria in the framework of his thesis, of which … Continue reading

Far Eastern regional identity as a contemporary indigeneity: historic and contemporary discourse

Ivan Zolotukhin  Ph.D., Far Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russia Introduction This article seeks to emphasize further aspects. Firstly, the Russian State plays an important role in the origin of Far Eastern identity, as it impacts the socio-cultural processes on the … Continue reading