The Journal of Eurasian Affairs is new international journal founded by Russian NGO International Social Movement “Eurasian Movement”. It is dedicated to different issues such as eurasianism in it’s different aspects (from philosophy to integration process on post-Soviet space), geopolitics, international relations, war and peace studies, globalization, multipolarity and new emerging theories in fields of politics and humanitarian sciences.
Because of its title covered themes are about processes in Eurasia, but not limited by continental boundaries. Eurasia as an idea and eurasianism as outlook are international by it’s essence.
In some sense Journal of Eurasian Affairs is a interdisciplinary one where crossed ideas from different schools, trends and sets that makes it as broadly platform for discussion and forum for meetings of academic researchers, political activists, philosophers, independent scholars, experts and decision makers.
Red line of Journal of Eurasian Affairs is critical approach to (neo)liberalism and its derivatives manifested in realpolitik as well as in large scale of activities dealing with human being itself. The need to develop alternative is the second task, which puts the founders of the Journal and core thinkers of the “Eurasian Movement”.
We believe that writers from over the globe will join us for the development (and revival) of such kind ideas that will promote to establish newest model of global affairs and political systems with respect of all nations, peoples, groups, beliefs, cultures and traditions.
The Journal of Eurasian Affairs invites contributors to send articles, essays and reviews.